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If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us.

Are your services covered by OHIP?
No, Registered Massage Therapy and alternative healing modalities are not covered by OHIP. However, some of the treatments we offer are covered by extended healthcare plans. 

If I am covered for treatments through my extended health care, can you bill the insurance company directly?

Yes, we can bill your insurance company directly for payment, and you only have to pay the small portion (if any) that is not covered.

We use a third party program to bill your insurance company. Sometimes, even for no reason, they decline the request.  You are required to pay for your appointment if your insurance company, or the third party declines the request, for any reason. 


Do you accept WSIB claims?
We do not currently offer direct billing for WSIB claims. 

Can I claim massage therapy on my income tax?
Massage therapy can be claimed on income taxes.  With medical expenses you must have expenses totalling 3% of your income to use them. Please consult with your accountant. 


Do you provide Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Rehabilitation?

Massage therapy is frequently used to assess MVA injuries and design a treatment plan to restore your functional ability as soon as possible. We are unable to direct bill auto insurance companies for MVA treatments. 


What do I wear during a massage therapy treatment?
You are asked to undress to your level of comfort. Most people undress fully, some choose to leave underwear on and some leave on most clothing until they become comfortable with massage and their massage therapist.

Do I have to disclose all my health conditions on the health history form to my massage therapist?
It is best if you can give an accurate picture of your health and injuries on your health history form. This enables your therapist to design the most appropriate and effective treatment for you.

Can other members of my family use my benefits?
Receipts can only be made in the name of the person receiving the treatment.

How early should I arrive and what if I am late?
If you are coming into the clinic for the first time, you should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, as you will have to fill out a case history. Try to be on time, if you are late we will do what we can to see that you get a full appointment, but this cannot be guaranteed, please consider others and be on time.

Is it alright to get a massage when I am sick with a cold or the flu?
Getting a massage while you are not feeling well is not advised. One of the benefits of massage is that it greatly increases circulation, but that can also mean circulation of toxins that are already in your system, so you could temporarily feel worse. It is usually preferable to wait until you are feeling better to receive massage therapy.

After my appointment, is there anything specific I need to have on hand or anything else specific I should do?
An Epsom salt bath is recommended to soothe muscles, and enhance the benefits of the massage. It will help alleviate any stiffness you may feel the next day, and it is also recommended for use after workouts for the same reason. Make sure to drink water to keep your tissues hydrated.

What is your cancellation policy?

At Quinte Massage Therapy, we require a minimum of 24 hours notification of a cancellation. If adequate notification is not given, you may be required to pay half of the scheduled appointment cost. A receipt stating "missed appointment" will be issued, this receipt can not be used to claim the massage therapy session. 


What to Expect During Your Treatment:


  • Upon arrival you will fill out a health history and consent form, or you can download them, and bring the completed forms to your appointment.

  • The therapist will speak with you to determine the right kind of massage techniques for you and your condition. They will notify you of what areas they will be treating and ask for your permission to proceed with the treatment.

  • The therapist will conduct a physical examination, focused on your main problem areas.

  • When it is time for your treatment, the therapist will explain how to get onto the table. You will be left in privacy to undress and get onto the table. You can remove whatever articles of clothing you are comfortable with.

  • During the massage your therapist will regularly check in with you on the pressure and your level of comfort. If you are ever uncomfortable, please notify your therapist.

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